June 22, 2022

2022-07-18 | 22:32:16

"These guys are the BEST. Every time I need an obscure breaker, they ALWAYS have what I need. Life savers. And amazing customer service. Hrll yeah"
May 3, 2022

John G.

"Extremely helpful, a great company and a vary reliable source for breaks and they have a Pac-Man arcade game while you wait."
March 29, 2022

Jacob G.

"Darrell Zazueta is the man trust me he has been working at at SFO for years ever since the previous original owner ! Over 10 years Trust me this guy is the veteran of this company and is the sharpest knife there that knows all the knowledge of all the breakers and materials and merchandise!!!!!!"
February 28, 2022

Andy P.

"SFO representatives has always helped us with or projects over the years, from finding that 400 amp Sylvania disconnect or just an ITE breaker. They have always been our reliable source for the parts we need."
February 24, 2022

"I was desperate to get an obsolete GTE/Sylvania 100A breaker yesterday to get our house powered back up. SFO Reps didn't have it, but they -- I didn't get the guy's name -- called around, and found one at another supplier in SF that I could go pick up. That's great customer service for someone who wasn't even a customer!"