June 18, 2021

Purchasing Agent (Retired)

"Reliable go-to source for new and obsolete hard to find items for your project. Great Service for 5+ years"
March 25, 2020

"Great awesome people. They always have what I want"
February 2, 2020

"Great people, excellent service. Will go there again."
August 5, 2019

Michael T.

"Gill was extremely helpful when I called some ten minutes from closing, desperate to find an uncommon fuse. He very patiently listened while I described the fuse, which had few markings on it outside an amp and voltage rating. He then spent the next half hour searching inventory for the fuse, well after the store was closed. Even though they didn't have it in stock, he promptly gave me a call back and provided me with several options moving forward. This kind of customer service is rare these days and I'd be more than happy to do business with them again."
July 16, 2019

Sean H.

"After blowing a breaker on a Friday evening and unsuccessfully ordering a replacement online (yes, paying overnight shipping to boot), three supply stores later, found these guys. Had the old breaker in stock. 5 minutes later, on the road. Great find."