June 23, 2016

Alan L.

"I have never found myself hanging in the wind when I have asked these chaps to find a breaker I needed. Fun guys, and a wealth of knowledge with a wealth of inventory."
November 3, 2014

"I volunteered to help a friend with an electrical problem. We were replacing a wall socket and then seeking a breaker. We were directed from other electrical suppliers to SFO. I thought I had time traveled to Mayberry RFD. We had the most amazing retail experience of my life, so much so that I don't wish to detail it here. There was NO question this business was there to solve our problem whatever was required. If our plug and pray electrical part exchange did not work (it didn't) there was no interest in charging for parts we didn't need. They were ready to send an electrician to identify the real problem. Wow! Sure beats getting an electrician to start with and getting charged more than needed. If you suspect your breakers or have breaker related troubles that need a fix, I would make a bee-line for SFO. You will not be sorry."
January 14, 2014

"I am not sure why this place isn't listed on Yelp yet, but this is hands down the best place to get circuit breakers in the SFBA. Its a hidden gem, thats for sure. The signage is minimal and its a pretty plain storefront but these guys have a great selection, and if they don't have it, they can get it fast. They'll also buy your used breakers if they're in good shape which has saved me a ton of time and money too. I'm not in the trade but these guys have saved my butt more than once so they'll more than likely save yours."